Rudraa Forever Chanca Piedra (पथरी की दवा )


Rudraa Chanca Piedra capsules help you to provide the comfort from the
problems of kidney stones. It helps you in keeping healthy and clean by
breaking down the deposit in the kidney and gall bladder and protects you from
urinary tract infections. It is specially used for kidney stone problem but also
used for urinary tract, digestive tract and liver diseases.

Chanca Piedra is an herb that is used for medicinal purpose. It helps in
regulating the flow of urine. It is used as a liver tonic as well as treating
gallstones, diabetes, and intestinal infections. It helps in improving liver
functions and protects it from cellular damage.


Ingredients: Chanca Piedra Leaves

Helps in immunity boosting
Regulates the flow of urine
Helps in improving the cholesterol level
Helps in improving blood sugar level
Helps to fight against stomach ulcers
Use as a liver protector and blood purifier
Helps to keep clean kidney and urinary bladder.



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