Rudraa Forever Eucalyptus Essential Oil 10ml


Rudraa Eucalyptus Essential oil is a multi-purpose oil with many natural
ingredients and it is very popular for skin and hair problems. Eucalyptus is
beneficial in purifying and clarifying your skin or it is known for its acne
treating properties. It is very helpful in prevention of dandruff , and makes the
hair stronger.

Rudraa Eucalyptus Essential oil consists of anti-inflammatory properties
that help in soothing skin irritation and inflammation. Eucalyptus oil is very
helpful in improving respiratory health, relieves muscle pain, cramps, headaches
and other bodily distress. It provides relax to your mind and helps you in
improving the concentration level.



Ingredients: Eucalyptus

Boosts immunity and mind
Purifies skin and hair
Relax the mind and helps in clearing the thoughts
Helps in improving shine, thickness and overall health of your hairs
Remove dead skin cells, and clear dust from skin
Beneficial for muscle and body pain.


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