Rudraa Forever Power Booster 500ml


Rudraa Power Booster juice is a combination of many natural herbs like Ashwagandh, Shilajeet, Kali Musli etc to enhance the stamina in men & women both. It is specially formulated syrup for adults to increase internal strength, power desire, and energy. This Power booster juice is a health tonic helps rejuvenate the body’s energy, stimulates the immune system and strengthens the bodily tissues to bring about all-round physical vigour in the body. It is safe and healthy to drink.


Benefits :- 

  • Increase internal strength and desire
  • Rejuvenate the body’s energy
  • Helpful for immunity boosting
  • For both Men and Women

Usage:- 20-30ml Male/ 15-25ml Female: Twic a day with water, hot or cold accordingly.


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