Rudraa Jeevandan Kit


Rudraa Jeevandan Kit
Rich source of minerals that are good for bones, mind, skin, teeth, and muscles.
It helps in losing and gaining weight.
It provides the required nutrients. It works directly on the Cell of the Human Body.
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Rudraa Jeevandan Kit for Detoxification, Digestion, Immunity Booster, and Weight Management

Detox Body in Natural Way | Remove Toxin and Free Radicals | Create Antioxidant

✔R-Pulse: Ayurvedic product used for digestion and its improvement. Balances the hormones in the body and acts as Immunity Booster for the body

✔Chlorophyll: Helps in the detoxification of the body. Remove the toxic substances from the body and rejuvenates all organs of the body.

✔Nabhi Om: Helps in the cleansing of the body internally. Helps in Maintaining Aura & Chakra Purifies Blood


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