Rudraa Maha Bhringraj Hair Oil 200ml


Maha Bhringraj Hair Oil is directly extracted from the leaves of Bhringraj plant. Bhringraj is a wonderful natural herb for hair health, and it is a great tonic for the scalp. It provides more nutrients to the hair roots and help in improving the hair growth. It consists of anti fungal properties, so it helps in reducing the problem of dandruff and hair loss. Hair and scalp problems can be caused due to stress, pollution, and much more. With the help of Rudraa Maha bhringraj hair Oil, you can keep your hair healthy, smoother, and shining.


Benefits of Bhringraj Hair Oil :

• Provides nourishment to the hair
• Controls Hair fall and prevents breakage
• Moisturizes scalp to eliminate dandruff
• Promotes thick and long hair
• Prevents dryness of scalp


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