Rudraa Forever Vitamin D3 Capsules


Vitamin D3 is a highly liquid filled capsule and is very helpful in activating the
immune system. It helps in increasing the blood circulation level and boost
immunity level. Vitamin D3 capsules are mostly used to treat and prevent bone
loss and make the bones stronger.
Rudraa Vitamin D3 is very essential in different ways for your body including calcium
metabolism, enhancing immunity etc. It plays a vital role in reduction of
inflammation. Calcium is considered as the main building block of bone and
Vitamin D3 capsule helps in absorbing more calcium.

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Ingredients: Vitamin D-3 ( Cholecarciferol )

Supports a Healthy nerve system
Supports lung function
Reduces the risk of flu
Regulates insulin level
Promotes healthy muscle function
Reduces risk of heart diseases
Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease
Reduce the risk of developing Diabetes
Treat and prevent cancer
Bone health and calcium balance.


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