We live in a world where Nowadays there is pollution everywhere that’s not only harming our planet environment. It also damages our skin and making it really bad and the skin cell death. This is why it’s really important to take care of our skin especially our face as its the only part that’s always unprotected and uncovered.

The Rudraa Neem face wash gives you all the benefits of Neem and protects your face from all of the impurities and a lot more. The Neem face wash gives you all the benefits of your Neem plant. As we all know Neem has been considered as a real great beauty plant that can solve a lot of face and skin problems. Almost all the beauty products and supplements use Neem as it’s the core ingredient.

The Rudraa face wash also uses the Curcuma that is the yellow liquid found in turmeric another herbal and medical plant. That’s why Rudraa Neem face wash is one of the best face washes that give you a great result.

Benefits of Rudraa face wash 

Remove pimples: The Curcuma is known for its medical benefits and that is the most beneficial way to treat most of the skin problems. So the Curcuma inside the face wash gives you pimple-free skin.


neem face wash

Remove acne: Acne is probably the most irritating thing to have on your face. The Rudraa Neem face wash Curcuma makes sure your acne gets removed too and gives you acne-free skin that can make your skin look younger and reduce your skin age too.


Softer skin: The Neem face wash of Rudraa gives you softer skin. As the Neem inside it helps your skin gets more lively and replace the damaged skin cells that give you softer skin and healthy skin which will make your face look brighter and fair.



Clean face: The Neem and Curcuma both help you get a clear face, as they both have their own benefits in the skin and remove all the impurities and all the dust from your face. Not just from the top also from the inside to it removes all of the impurities and give you a fair and clean skin.


Removes oil: Oily skin can make our face look dull, that’s why Rudraa Neem face wash gives you a soap-free face wash that helps you remove the excessive amount of oil on your face and helps you get rid of that oily skin.

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