Rudraa Forever Bergamot Essential Oil 10ml


Bergamot essential oil is very effective for skin and acne problems because of
its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Bergamot essential oil is also used
for the treatment of hair problems such as dandruff, and hair fall problem. It is
also mostly used in perfumes and personal care products.

Bergamot Essential Oil is used in ayurvedic medicines for the treatment of
digestion, skin diseases, and fever. This oil helps to reduce obesity, depression,
loss of appetite, skin rashes, sore throats, and bladder infections. The anti-
bacterial property of Bergamot essential oil reduces scalp issues and cleanses
the hair.



Ingredients: Bergamot

Reduces Hair fall and Dandruff
Stimulates scalp for healthy hair
Helps in improving digestion
Helps in reducing stress and depression
Used in deodorants and perfumes with a good sense of calmness and
Helps in faster hair growth.
Helps in reducing pain and inflammation.


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