Rudraa Forever Brecomline Syrup 100ml (Asthmetics Khansi Ke Liye)


Rudraa Brecomline syrup is a perfect natural blend of 9 powerful ayurvedic herbs. It is unique therapy which helps you in cold cough, Respiratory infection, Flu & throat sore. It combines the power of Gojihva extract, Vasaka extract, Tulsi extract, Pippali extract, Sunthi extract, Kantkari extract, Kapur Kachri extract, Muleth extract, Pudinah satva which helps you in quick relief with their anti-inflammatory benefits. It has no side effects.



  • Relief from Dry Cough
  • Relief from Nasal Congestion
  • Relief from common cold
  • Relief from Runny Nose
  • Relief from Sore throat

Direction to use:-

  • 1-2 Tablespoons thrice a day.


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