Rudraa Forever Gilloy With Tulsi Juice 500ml


Tulsi is a rich source of iron and it helps in maintaining a healthy heart and
nervous system. Giloy is full of calcium and protein and provides a lot of
nutrients that are necessary for our body. This juice is very beneficial for
treating some diseases such as cold, cough, flu etc. it also promote a healthy
respiratory system and protects you from toxins. It also fight against allergies
and common infections.



Rudraa Tulsi-Giloy Juice is a natural and healthy drink with unique
ingredients. It is very helpful in purifying the blood. Tulsi and Giloy both are
powerful herbs helps in boosting your immune system and protect your body
from harmful pathogens. Regular intake of Rudraa Tulsi-Giloy Juice keeps
you healthy and strong. It also helps in reducing stress and fatigue.


  • Gilloy stem
  • Tulsi Extract

 Helps in regulating blood sugar level
 Helps in digestive problems
 Aids in building a strong immune system
 Helps to maintain a healthy heart
 Protects from fever and viral infections
 Effective against headaches and body-ache.


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