Rudraa Forever Orange Essential Oil 10ml


Rudraa Orange Essential oil is very beneficial in improving the skin tone
and makes your skin healthy. It is very helpful in reducing stress, depression
and anxiety. It maintains the cholesterol level and helps to lose weight. Rudraa
Orange Essential oil also helps in treating and preventing some diseases like
cold, constipation, and inflammation.

Rudraa OrangeEssential Oil is known for its acne treating properties with a lot of skin and hair
conditions and it is rich in anti-oxidant properties. It is very helpful in uplifting
your mood. Orange Essential oil helps you to maintain smooth and shining skin
and protects your skin from damage.


Ingredients: Orange

Helps to lower your blood pressure
Reduces stress, anxiety, and depression
Helps to improve digestive problems
Promotes hair growth
Helps to maintain healthy and smooth skin
Boost the immune system
Supports skin complexion
Provides relief from inflammation.


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