Rudraa Forever Pain Oil 50ml


RUDRAA PAIN OIL 100ml Pain Reliever Rudraa Pain Oil, is an Ayurvedic Composition whose massage is very beneficial in relieving joints, Arthritis and Paralysis pain. It strengthens the nerves, muscles & bones. Composition:- · Maha Narayan Tail 30% · Guggul Satva( Commiphora Mukul) 25% · Gandopura oil( Gaultheria Fragrantissima) 15% · Nilgiri Tail(Eucalyptus Globulusd) 13% · Tarpeen Tail(Pinus Palustrid) · Kapoor Ka Satva(Cinnomomum camphora) 5%.


Direction:- Apply a small quantity of oil to the affected area and lightly massage or as directed by the physician.

Use:- Arthritis disorder and effectively relieves joint pain and stiffness.


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