Rudraa Forever Liver Om Syrup


The liver is an organ that sits under the human rib confine on the right side of your stomach area. The liver is necessary for processing sustenance and freeing your assemblage of harmful substances.
The liver malady can be acquired or brought about by an assortment of components that harm the liver, for example, infections and liquor use. Obesity is connected to liver harm.

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  • Elimination of toxin from the body
  • 200ml, Protect liver from damage
  • Helps regeneration of liver cells
  • Provide anti-infective, antiviral and antioxidant benefits
  • Treat and Prevent Hepatitis B and E, Sluggish liver, fatty liver, etc.
  • Helpful in enzyme activity and normalizes liver function
  • Beneficial for problems like gas, indigestion, belching, fatigue and tiredness
  • Specialist for children
  • Helps the resistance of the liver against alcohol abuse, unhealthy food, and oily food.


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