Rudraa Forever Liver Capsules


Healthy liver is essential for digestion system and removal of toxic substances.
Rudraa Liver capsules are very helpful in liver problems like jaundice, fatty
liver, digestion, and alcoholic problem and keep your liver healthy and strong. It
also supports respiratory system and immune functions. Liver capsules improve
stamina, strength, and physical endurance.

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Rudraa Liver Capsules are known to detoxify the liver and kidneys and helps
to remove waste. It promotes the overall health of body and improves healthy
digestion system. Liver capsules are used for improving liver function, treating
chronic liver diseases, and protects liver cells from inflammation. It also help in
increasing metabolism and promote weight loss.


Silybin, Dandelion leaf ext., Kutki Rhizome ext., Kasani Seed ext., Punarnava Root ext., Bhuimala WP ext., Licorice root ext., Vitamin E, Piper Nigranum Fruit ext.

 Improves mood and cognitive function
 Strengthens the reproductive system
 Helps to improve digestion and metabolism
 Protects liver from free radicals
 Helps to repair damaged liver cells
 Boosts the immune system
 Maintains bone health and reduces inflammation.


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