Rudraa Forever Tea Tree Essential Oil 10ml


Rudraa Tea Tree Essential oil is very useful for treating acne problems
because of its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It helps in reducing
swelling, calmness, and inflammation. It fights against scalp itching, dandruff
and hair problems and also helps in reducing stress. It helps to clear your skin
and makes your skin glowing and shining. Rudraa Tea Tree Essential oil also
helps you to clear clogged pores.

Tea Tree Essential Oil has the natural ability to support and boost immune
system health and fight infections. It moisturizes your scalp and hair, and very
beneficial in treating itchy and skin problems. It is also used to manage wound
healing and body odour.


Tea leaves

 Improve the ability to fight common diseases
 Clears oily scalp and dandruff
 Boosts immunity and mental balance
 Treats acne and other infections
 Helps in wound healing
 Effective treatment of Athlete’s foot
 Effective against viral and fungal infections.


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