Rudraa Forever Bee Pollen 60 Capsules


Rudraa Bee Pollen Capsules have the ability to remove toxins from your body and helps to detoxify and cleansing. It may also help your liver to protect from toxic substances like drugs. Bee Pollen capsules prevents your body from infections and allergies and provides a strong and healthy immune system.




Rudraa bee Pollen Capsules is a diatery supplement and it contains protein,
vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates. It includes antibiotics and antioxidant
properties that help to reduce inflammation, kills bacteria, protect your body
from free radicals and many more. It is very beneficial in treating and
preventing you from heart diseases. It also helps in maintaining the cholesterol
level of your body.


Bee Pollen, Granular

 Protects from free radicals and chronic diseases
 Helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases
 Helps to maintain the cholesterol level
 Protect your liver from toxic substances
 Helps to boost immune system and kills bacteria
 Helps to improve muscle growth
 Helps to promote wound healing.


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