Rpulse and Tulsi Giloy to fight back with Malaria



Rudraa Tulsi Giloy syrup combines the goodness of Tulsi, Giloy, Haritaki, Bibhitaki,Haridra,Musta and many ore herbs that are attributed with various health benefits. To protect yourself and your family from various infections, pollution and untimely seasonal changes. Take Rudraa Tulsi Giloy syrup to boost your immunity.

Rpulse Acai Berry Juice and other exotic fruit juice 1000ML. Rpulse is a trendy nature drink and its good juice for good movement. Rpulse has contain 24 types of berries juice which helps to fight naturally with bacteria, infections.

Direction to use:- 

Rpulse :-  Take 15ml morning and evening empty stomach with luke water.

Tulsi Giloy :- Take 1-2 spoons twice a Day after meal.


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