Rudraa Forever Livea Tonic for Healthy Liver 450 ML


Rudraa Livea Tonic has many herbs that have been used for a healthy liver, detoxification of body, eliminating toxins from body. It is an advanced & unique herbal formulation for liver care & gastro regulation.


Ingredients:- Bhringraj, Kutki, Kalmegh, Bhuiamla, Kasamarda, Methi, Randhuri, Ajwain, Trikatu, Trifla, Punernava, Nisoth, Vivding, Dev Daru, Chitrak Chhai, Pushkarmool, Dharu Haridra, Inderjau, Motha, Dantimool, Pipalmool, Chavya.


  • Detoxification of Body
  • For Fatty Liver
  • Indigestion
  • Controls acidity

Direction to use:-  10ml thrice a Day or as Directed by physicians


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