Rudraa Forever Uria Life


Uria life is a combination of many herbal plants. Anti-Inflammatory Uria life Capsule is based on an ancient formula which had been recommended and praised in Ayurvedic system. It is also recommended in conditions of high vatta (air) and kapha (water) mixed with pitta(fire). It is also helpful in maintaining proper uric acid levels.

Rudraa Uria life helps you in controlling your high uric acid, as uria life contains certain vitamins which tends really good for controlling your uric acid and makes sure that your uric acid doesn’t rise up.

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Key Benefits:-

  • Detoxification of kidney
  • Controls URIC Acid
  • Controls UTI Infection

Ingredients:- Maharasnadi ras, Giloy Satva, Haldi Rt., Gokhru Pt., Punarnava Rt., Tryodashang guggal, Sambhalu patra

Direction to Use:- 1-2 capsules a Day with water or as Directed by Physcians.

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